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Out track record

Our track records

Over €100 million equity investment under management

Over €350 million of assets under technical supervision

Over 50 due diligences performed

Over 30 transactions (investment & exit) completed

Over 500MW of projects in development stage

Semi Finalist at 2015 Foot Eolien Championship



Over the years, TTR has been able to establish a strong presence on the wind farm market, a green success story that started with a major investment in French wind developer Ailenergie back in 2010.

Once local shareholders had secured permits for two wind farms in the Champagne region, TTR stepped in to bring the promising projects to life, taking care of everything from financing to construction and operation. The investment signified a major stepping stone for the company, and it wasn’t the end of the road: TTR also brought its development expertise into the mix and managed to obtain two more wind farm permits for Ailenergie.

“We chose to partner up with the local shareholders rather than buying them out. This approach has been mutually beneficial ever since”, Christophe explains. Thanks primarily to TTR’s outstanding know-how in negotiating contracts and building partnerships with local players, Ailenergie has become a very profitable operation with many potential future developments on the horizon.



Although TTR undoubtedly has a penchant for wind farms, it has also been making waves in the solar market. Back in 2013 the company set foot in the photovoltaic business by acquiring the so-called Belfuture project, located in Waregem, Flanders.

When TTR got wind that the regulatory environment in the region changed and the project’s developer saw himself forced to sell its 4MW solar panel installation powering the Balta Plant, they directly seized the opportunity.

“Our team keeps a close ear on the market. In the constantly changing world of renewable investment it is crucial for us to be able to spot the right opportunity at the right time”, Gauthier says. Since then, TTR has been profitably running the operation, exceeding all financial expectations. The company not only spotted a gap in the market and delivered a quick deal, but also optimised Belfuture’s internal management structures and made it fit for future expansions.

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