Introduction to TTR

Changing the game

Changing the game

When Gauthier, director of Transcor Astra, and Christophe, co-founder of the TPF Group, met on the grass of a Brussels football field back in 2007, they both had experience in the energy industry.

Playing on the same football team they quickly realized that to them, green means much more than just the color of money. Sacrificing all their free time for an idea they fiercely believed in, they got the ball rolling to set up a renewable energy investment firm they have been co-coaching till today : TTR.

What started as a spontaneous idea and a side-project supported by the TPF Group, has since grown into a game-changing investment company with its own identity and an exceedingly successful track record.

What we do

Generating renewable returns for our investors is our number one priority, but who says it has to be the only one ? That’s why we invest into projects related to wind, hydroelectric, biomass and solar energies. TTR’s green investment opportunities, built on the riches of the earth, prove that durable is indeed reliable.

Investing in our funds will not only improve the balance of your bank account but contribute to creating a world powered by a more balanced energy mix. By demonstrating that turning in a steady profit while fueling change is indeed possible, we reinvent finance one step at a time. Sometimes money does grow on trees.

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Who we are

At its core TTR Energy is the result of a fusion of finance and engineering, bringing together the best of both worlds under one roof. With our pioneering, hands-on approach and close-knit team of 14 specialists we make sure that every task has its expert, from negotiating with farmers (and drinking the occasional shot with them) to managing funds.

Accordingly, TTR counts not only civil engineers with special high voltage and height training among its staff, but also experienced wind park planners, whose insights serve as a solid foundation for our financial analysts’ decision-making.

One thing is for sure : at TTR we’ll never run out of investment ideas.

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Why choose us

Why choose us

At TTR we wear rubber boots under our tailored suits. An investment company led by engineers, we develop, construct and operate the projects we invest in, meaning that we like to pull the wires, doing in-house what others outsource.

Our resources not only include financial expertise and a deep understanding of the green energy industry, we also get our hands dirty on the ground supervising the installation of wind turbines, making sure you’ll get the most natural return on your investment.

We know which way the wind blows.

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