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Christophe Gilain


The key to a successful company is happy employees. My job is to keep the team motivated and protect it from external pressures.

Together with Gauthier De Potter, Christophe is the creative mind and driving force behind TTR. After having started as a Total Quality Management Consultant at Bekaert-Stanwick, he quickly realized he wanted to stand on his own feet and founded the highly successful TPF Group back in 1990, where he played a key role in water and energy development and discovered his passion for renewable energies. It is this very passion that inspired him to launch TTR, first only a side-project of the TPF Group.

Thanks to his 25 years of management experience, a deep know-how of the energy sector and his modern leadership philosophy, he was able to transform the company into a game-changing green investment firm with its very own identity.

Christophe, who holds degrees in Civil Engineering and Industrial Management and also has a MBA from INSEAD under his belt, is one half of TTR’s ever-running motor, fuelled by a firm belief in the necessity and profitability of renewable energies.

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Gauthier De Potter


I enjoy the responsibility I carry on my shoulders and taking the big decisions, because I know that I’m surrounded by a brilliant team.

Gauthier is one part of the dynamic duo behind TTR, and together with his founding partner Christophe he ensures that the engines of the TTR powerhouse keep running. Educated as a civil engineer, licensed in management and holding a Master of Science, he acquired extensive experience in the energy sector, mainly in the US, where he worked for Tractabel, Bechtel and InterGen. Back in Belgium he became Executive Vice President at the Transcor Astra Group.

Creating TTR was almost a natural development then for the entrepreneurial spirit with a soft spot for renewable energies, and he poured his heart and soul into the endeavour, transforming it from a side-project into a successful company that continues to grow.

Gauthier, a creative thinker and fan of a low-hierarchy company culture, is in charge of business development. He is responsible for strategic decision-making and figuring out where the company will be heading in the future while always making sure that its core values are being respected.

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Hervé Van Den Abeele

Mergers & Acquisitions

In my job the most important skill is to listen closely and understand peoples’ needs.

Naturally, TTR is constantly on the lookout for new promising projects and companies to invest in. The person in charge on finding, analysing and acquiring these ventures is Hervé, a trained commercial engineer. He’s not only technically educated but also a people’s person, spending most of his days on the phone and in meetings. Accordingly, he’s wellconnected in the industry and has his finger on the pulse, always up-todate on what is happening on the market, who is selling what and who might have an idea but no investors yet to finance its implementation.

After having spent eight years running his own company in the telecom sector, he perfectly knows how to effectively negotiate and work out deals that are in the interest of all parties involved. “Hervé has the patience of an angel, and he can wait as long as it takes to close a transaction”, says Delphine. Joining TTR back in 2010 was an affair of the heart for Hervé: “The main reason why I wanted to work in the renewable energy sector are my four kids. I want them to live in a better world than ours.“

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Thierry Boivinet

Development Director

I’m doing this job out of conviction. I truly believe that renewable energies are what this planet needs to survive in the long-term.

Thierry, an engineer and physicist by training, is constantly on the road between his homebase Switzerland, TTR’s Brussels headquarters and Northern France, where the company runs several wind farms. In 2003 he founded Eiden, a firm active in the energy sector which TTR bought back in 2010.

Since then Thierry is TTR’s Development Director, scouting locations suitable for the construction of future wind farms and making sure that all necessary permits are obtained. Regularly in contact with local authorities, residents and landowners he knows all projects inside out and always has an open ear for everyone’s concerns.

Thanks to his technical know-how (Thierry holds several engineering degrees and masters from Ecole Centrale de Marseille, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine and Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) and vast experience in the sector, he is always able to address arising obstacles such as environmental questions or the protection of historical monuments with creative solutions. “If the door is closed, he will enter through the window”, Gauthier says.

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Michel Lepoutre

Construction manager

I love being creative. Nothing is ever stagnant in this business, which is why I look at each new project with fresh eyes, constantly searching for better technical solutions.

A civil engineer by training, Michel is only known as “The Builder” at TTR. Since the company took its very first steps, he is responsible for constructing TTR’s wind farms, meaning he takes care of everything from buying wind turbines and digging the foundations to laying out cables and getting the machines going.

His expertise is needed after the development stage of a project, dealing with the concrete and practical side of things. After his decades-long experience of constructing numerous renewable energy projects in Belgium and abroad, he quickly recognizes if a plan is truly feasible or not, and carries it out in the most efficient way.

Michel is not afraid to get his hands dirty on the ground, and prides himself in finding new and innovative solutions, constantly on the search for improvement. “He really knows how to work the magic with our construction budgets”, says Fiona.

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Fiona Groetaers


I believe the 21st century is the century of the energy sector. The world as it is today is not sustainable and we have to find solutions. I want to be a part of that.

As financial analyst and Chief Financial Officer Fiona carries quite some responsibility on her young but steady shoulders. The talented number cruncher is not only in charge of long-term strategic planning, creating meticulous business plans and developing thorough cash-flow models, but is also financially responsible for TTR’s running projects. She is the one who knows how much a turbine costs, how the Spanish tax system functions and how much money developer Thierry can spend in a certain time frame. “Fiona works at the very core of the company and is the center of all data”, says Gauthier. A trained business engineer who kicked off her career in the oil industry, she quickly realized that she needed to change sides: “I wanted to bring my financial skills to a sector I believe in, to a place where I can make an impact.”

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Laure Bedas


Laure is our internal lawyer. She became a member of TTR in 2018.

Constantin Delhaute


Constantin holds a degree in mechanical engineer. After a 6 years experience at Tractebel, Constantin joined TTR in 2017.

He scrupulously manages the daily operations of all wind and photovoltaic farms, overseeing everything from new installations to production processes and efficiency

Guillaume Orianne

Mergers & Acquisitions

Guillaume, a commercial engineer, became TTR in 2016. Guillaume assists Hervé for the acquisition of new projects and the sales of assets under management.

Matthieu Magnin

Construction & Operation

Matthieu joined TTR in 2017, straight from Corsica.

He assists Michel in the contruction of new projects. Matthieu also supervises the wind farms and PV plants on a daily basis and is responsible for all safety aspects.

Rémi Dupont


Remi became a member of TTR in 2018.

Aymeric Lenoir

Development & Operation

Aymeric, a civil engineer, became a member of TTR in 2014, freshly after he completed his studies.  Aymeric assists Constantin and Michel for the construction and operation of the wind farms, and Thierry for the development of new projects.

Valentin Leclercq


Valentin joined TTR in 2016.

Based in France, Valentin works with Thierry, Aymeric & Nicolas on the development of new projects.


François Van Marsenille


What I like most about TTR is how passionate everyone is about their jobs. This is the reason why I wanted to work here.

Francois finds pleasure in what most of us would probably consider boring, and even after more than a decade in the business he is still enthusiastic about accountancy: “I just love working with numbers”, he explains.

For three years now he has been pedantically taking care of monitoring the accounts of all companies in TTR’s portfolio, always keeping the financial records flawless and providing the information a financially healthy business needs.

His colleague Fiona adds: “You can always count on François to meticulously take care of all the administrative work while adding a spark of humor to the office.”

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Sara Van Rossem

Executive assistant

Sara became a member of TTR in 2015.

She assists the whole team, making sure everyone works in the best conditions

Nicolas Ricquart


Nicolas joined TTR in 2016, after 8 years as managing director of Gazonor.

Nicolas is now in charge of the development of new projects with a particular focus on Brittany.

Gwendoline Deltour


I am a bit of an idealist. I chose this domain because I wanted to contribute to the protection of our environment.

Based in France, where TTR is very active on the wind market, Gwendoline, an environmental technician by training, works at the basis of it all.

By compiling all the documents necessary to apply for building permits, she lays the groundwork for TTR’s projects, in close collaboration with Thierry. “Dealing with administrations can be quite tiresome, but when I pass by the wind farms we have constructed over the years each morning on my way to work, I feel a sense of pride”, Gwendoline says.

She coordinates hiring experts for drafting studies about a project’s acoustic or natural impact, provides them with the needed information and always manages to maintain the overview in this jungle of paperwork.

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