TTR Energy is an independent industrial player in the field of renewable energies (RE), with more than 12 years of experience across the entire value chain in the wind energy sector. Present across the entire value chain of RE project implementation, from development to operation, through financing and construction, TTR Energy is a dynamic and accomplished player in the energy transition process in France. Its scope of action, its human-sized multidisciplinary team and its agile structure enables it to have a thorough knowledge of the sector and its evolution, while bringing a different approach to the implementation of RE projects. The TTR Energy team, based in France and Belgium, supports its partners in the development of their RE projects. Its experts bring their know-how and experience in environmental studies, regulatory approval and permit modification processes, aeronautical and military constraints, wind and acoustic analysis, grid connection, turbine and equipment procurement, aggregator contracts, project financing, construction, operation, asset management, asset aggregation and portfolio analysis to get the most out of each project. Learn more about our different activities...

Find out our three-point strategy

  • Investment in the pre-construction and advanced development phase of onshore wind and photovoltaic projects, with a particular focus on authorised projects with significant optimisation potential, which includes possibilities such as repowering
  • A Eurozone with a focus on France and other Eurozone countries that promise a future significant new deployment of renewable energy capacity (Spain, Portugal and Italy)
  • Low-risk asset class (mainly long-term power purchase agreements, long-term maintenance with guaranteed availability) offering attractive returns
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